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|| BAD || Writing, Shots, Editing, Combos, Design
|| PurpGuy || Writing, Editing, Combos
|| Headquarters || Writing
|| SolSadGuy || Writing, Shots, Combos
|| Destructonaut || Writing
|| Content || The content BADCP was created by its members, except for the screenshots used in "Force Of Habit," which are from BlueSide's official site.
  || Music ||  

In the making of this site, inspiration was drawn from the following albums:

"Venom & Tears" by Throwdown
("Force Of Habit")

"Kiss The Lie" by Candiria
("2008 Top Ten")

"Merciless" by Most Precious Blood
("Vomit In The Streets")

"Self-Titled" by Bury Your Dead
("When All Is Lost")

"To The Death" by Earth Crisis
("In The Trenches (I/IV)")

"Colors" by Between The Buried And Me
("If It's Broke, Fix It!")

"Now We Can See" by The Thermals
("The Book Was Better")

"United Abominations" by Megadeth
("Den Of The Ninja Guy")

"Total World Domination" by Sworn Enemy
("Stay Dead")

Not Worth Mentioning by ??????
("Long Live The King")

"Real World" by The Young Dubliners

The Extreme Duress Of Silence by ??????
2-ß4ll £Øt!0n Th®wËr")

"God Is I" by Merauder
("Peripheral Damage")

"The Respect Issue" by Emmure
("Jock Rot")

  || BAD Thanks ||   Mom (for your undying sacrifice), Eva (forever in your debt for your help and dedication when things were at their worst), PurpGuy (for resurrecting the GPOW spirit), RB (for finally coming in and making the lineup solid again), Master Kitagawa ("I'm Ryu, you're Ken"), "Noveeta" (for all the support when shit went South), Mr. Mimura/Erico (for looking beyond skin color), Nanako & Co. (your help is much appreciated), The Miyahara Ichidaigen Ramen Crew (for many a hot meal), the Subway Miyahara Manager (for solid meals after the gym), TSgt Kosier (for giving me a place to stay).
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  || R.I.P. ||   This site is dedicated in loving memory to Leonard Russell, Chuck Hoppe, Hector Navarro, BRO, BRO2, Jesus Fontes, Sylvester Garcia, and "Charrie." You will never be forgotten...